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Chibuonum Divinelove Okeke
Chibuonum Divinelove Okeke
It has been an amazing ride on and with Digital Campux. I have learnt so much about SEO in a short time. The learning environment and structures are so excellent. I will choose Digital Campux over and over again.
Hikmat Taiwo Olomo
Hikmat Taiwo Olomo
Digital Campux is a great place to learn. The Tutors take their time to explain each courses in detail. They are always ready to attend to any questions you ask. I have learnt so much since I joined Digital Campux.
victor Uduireye
victor Uduireye
I've gained invaluable knowledge from our tutors, particularly Coach Patrick, who has played a pivotal role in my journey as a digital marketer. Each course offers hands-on experience, and I want to express my gratitude, Coach Patrick, for your exceptional dedication. Your patience and willingness to go the extra mile in solving students' problems truly make you stand out. You are the best, and your team is outstanding.
sylveria chukwuma
sylveria chukwuma
I am super excited I came across Digital Campux, their ability to find creative solutions is second to none. I found that their strategic thinking and obvious business acumen created market opportunities that had not been identified within the business. I would highly recommend Digital Campux to anyone who wants to create a digital marketing strategy that takes their business to the next level with measured results.
rdms ritedigitalmarketingsolutions
rdms ritedigitalmarketingsolutions
Digital Campux is an agency with thorough bred professionals, highly competent and goal oriented. I highly recommend them.
Chuma Obum
Chuma Obum
Digital Campux, as the name suggests, is a leading agency specializing in digital marketing coaching and skill development. What truly sets them apart is their exceptional ability to not only equip me with the necessary skills for the rapidly evolving digital economy, but also to seamlessly integrate into my team and effectively address all my digital marketing and SEO needs. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse their services to any business owner seeking to establish a prominent online presence.

So you finally decided to give SEO training in Nigeria a try, but you have a lot of doubts and questions that need to be answered satisfactorily…


You probably have also taken an SEO course somewhere in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Edo, Oyo state) either online or physically, but somehow, deep within your mind, you still have a large vacuum you are sure has not been filled by those courses.


As an SEO professional with over 8 years of experience in SEO, I can authoritatively conclude that the following issues may currently be peculiar with you right now:


1. You don’t think anyone or any agency in Nigeria is good at SEO.


2. Some foreign SEO courses you have seen are way beyond what you have budgeted, hence your search for SEO training in Nigeria.


3. You are a busy person with an active employment. You are looking for SEO training that is flexible and affords you the chance to combine your job with the training.


4. Although you have heard quite a lot about SEO, you still have doubts about how lucrative it can be.


5. Maybe you have even started to grow your SEO skills but you still feel insufficient. You desperately need a mentor to hold you by the hand and check every optimization or content you write.


So if you have a palpable fear about growing a successful SEO career and earning well In Nigeria, then your fears are valid because a recent research by Zippia showed an increasing rate of unemployment in the SEO industry. 

As an SEO expert with over 8 years of Experience in Nigeria, I can state categorically that Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest numbers of unemployed search engine optimizers.


The reasons are the same as some of the fears you currently have about taking SEO training in Nigeria like: 


 > Poorly delivered SEO training which automatically birth amateur SEOs. Like literally undertaking an SEO course with a poorly developed or outdated curriculum. It becomes worse when the curriculum is not in line with the ranking factors and current algorithm updates such as the EEAT, the March core and spam updates from Google.


 > Getting to learn SEO from tutors with limited real-life SEO experiences and becoming less equipped yourself.


 Undertaking SEO training without a clear plan for an internship or real practical and live case study sessions, which automatically makes you less confident to undertake bigger and more challenging SEO gigs.

We have taken our time to develop an SEO training that runs seamlessly online in Nigeria, and lays to rest every fear and doubts you may have about taking an SEO training anywhere in Nigeria.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will detail on the following:


Why we are confident that our SEO training is the best.


Why we decided to run completely online.


A brief bio of the course manager… With a link to his portfolio and LinkedIn page.


We will also cover some of the addons that come along with our SEO course such as learning to blog for a side hustle income with Adsense.


So while you delay in deciding to start your SEO journey or to perfect your SEO skill, Nigerians are already cashing out in dollars.


In the USA for example, an SEO specialist’s salary is about $78,431. In Canada, $81,385. In Nigeria, an intelligent and well-versed SEO makes as much as $65,532 when they combine foreign gigs and local jobs…. and this is more than possible.


You don’t believe me, right?


Oya check a recent stat from Artios

Campux SEO Course Instructor

One last thing you want to do for yourself is learning SEO from an amateur.


Our SEO course instructor is a seasoned search engine optimization specialist with over 8 years of practical experience optimizing over 200 websites, plus ranking over 80 of them organically for various search terms including How lucrative is digital marketing in Nigeria…. For Campux, medical supply store Duluth Ga… For Divine Medical Supply Store Duluth Georgia.


Apart from this, 5 out of these 8 years were also spent training students in an online setting like this…. Patrick has trained over 2500 students in general digital marketing and SEO specifically.


Patrick currently has a top search engine voice badge from LinkedIn plus other certifications from Google and Semrush.


Check out some of his most recent results.

10 Reasons We are confident our SEO course is the best In Nigeria.

Find below 10 reasons you should take our SEO course, and we are very confident this will be profitable for you.


Flexible and 100% Online. Our SEO course is structured with your welfare in mind. We know you are busy, and this is why we have structured our course to fit into your schedule, it is also online.


Easy to digest video content. We have strived to ensure that our course videos are short and easy to go through.


Up-to-date video materials. We know the SEO industry changes so rapidly, especially given that Google releases algorithm updates now and then. We cover all the algorithm updates from Panda to the most recent ones.


Complete blogging course for Adsense and affiliate monetization included. Blogging is the very first course you will be asked to go through. The reason is that we want you to speed up your earning potential and possibly start making money in USD from AdSense long before you complete the SEO general course. Apart from this, you will also get to practice everything you are learning on your blogging platform.


Very long and research-based Assignments. We also encourage the art of personal research, and this is why our assignment is structured in a way that allows you to do further research if what you need to know is not completely covered.


Access to a daily live case study session where you get to learn new things practically. Here, we bring up live projects to discuss them.


Proper keyword research/search analysis and real competitor analysis. You will gain a deep insight into various ways by which you can do keyword research plus study your competitor to find content gaps.


You will get to learn SEO copywriting. Don’t just learn to write blog posts, learn to write long-form marketing content that is highly optimized for the search engine.


App store optimization (ASO). I bet you will not hear this one anywhere… No SEO training institute teaches you how to optimize an app on the App Store. We covered it in our course.


Compulsory 2 months flexible and remote internship before certificate. We understand that SEO is not learned completely by simply sitting before a laptop screen and watching a coach talk, one other way by which you can get to learn deeper is by undertaking projects (real-life projects) as interns.

You Will Also Learn Mobile App Optimization On Playstore

We don’t want to sell you a course without first knowing your current SEO strength.
This is what a concerned SEO trainer should first ascertain. We are giving you
two attempts at our SEO quiz for free. If you pass, you will have unwrapped a
massive discount of 25% on our complete SEO course.

Here Is Everything you will learn from our course

This course is divided into 9 Modules.


Pre-course Lessons.

Here, you will learn about Blogging and how to monetize your blog. In the pre-course lesson as well, you will learn how to do keyword research for your blog and you will be expected to start writing your blog at the end of this lesson.


Module 1: Introduction To SEO.


This module is divided into 5 lessons, and you will learn the foundations of SEO, SEM vs SEO, Setting up search console and Google Analytics accounts, and how a search engine works.


Module 2: Advance SEO


Here, you will start getting enmeshed in SEO. You will start learning on-page, off-page, technical SEO, Blogging, keyword research, content strategy and others.


Module 3: Digging Deep Into Technical SEO


You will learn about core web vitals and various technical issues like speed, you will learn about Schema markup code, website auditing and others.


Module 4: Content Optimization

Everything there is to learn about optimizing your content to rank on the SERP.


Module 5: Local SEO

In this module, you will learn about local SEO, how to set up and optimize a local presence to rank on the three Google Snack packs.


Module 6: E-commerce SEO


Everything there is to know about optimizing product pages, infusing product Schema, and developing content for e-commerce sites.


Module 7: SEO For content creators.


Here, you will learn how to stand out as a content creator. Some other things to learn here include how to optimize images and videos.


Module 8: Advanced SEO Strategies


We have covered a couple of things here like International SEO, Featured snippet optimization, and Voice search optimization.


Module 9: A combination of Appstore Optimization (ASO), doing SEO for different industries, plus a deep dive into all the Algorithm updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers

Get Answers To All Your Questions

We have taken time to curate all the question some of our students asked before enrolling. We have also provided answers to all of them.

This course is for three months only plus another 2 months for a voluntary internship with a small business.

Yes, if you finish our course before the deadline, you will get a certificate. All deadlines are stated neatly on the courses.

Classes are not live - everything is flexible and can be done on your own time. While the courses are pre-recorded, you will have to finish the course at bthe stipulated time in order to earn your certificate. Each module will unlock as soon as you are done with the previous one. You can expect a mixture of videos, images, and hands-on tasks in every module.

As a campux Alumnus, you're welcome to stay on our community for job search support, exclusive job posting alerts, resources to learn from, and more. You'll also get a portfolio project you can be proud of, a certificate, and a reference letter to help with your job search.

The time commitment is expected to be around 5 - 10 hours per week (depending on the which program you choose and your prior level of experience). The experience is virtual and mostly asynchronous (meaning you can work according to your own schedule) so you can be flexible on how and when you choose to do the work. However the deadlines are fixed and must be met in order to receive a certificate.

The course is 100% online meaning that you will not have to travel or drive long distances to attend classes.

We are sincerely concerned about your SEO skill growth. This is why we are not immediately asking you to buy our seo course. By the quiz, we want to ascertain your current knowledge of SEO and help you pick it up from where you currently are.

From years of experience training students in SEO, Learning SEO in two months is possible but it depends on the current level of knowledge you alreadyhave about SEO. Generally, you can gain real mastery in SEO in 1-3 Months.

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