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Transform your expertise into impactful online courses with Campux’s dedicated course creation service. Harness the power of our innovative platform, where the fusion of mastery and intelligence propels your ideas into engaging, knowledge-rich digital experiences.

How it works

Share Your Ideas

We know you have an idea you will like to bring to life. Share the idea with our course creators and then we will help to finetun as well as plan on turning them to online courses.

We Setup Weekly Online Meetings

For two weeks, we will set up an online weekly meeting with you to always trim the idea and share the creation update with you.

We will get to work

As soon s we have an agreement on the course outline, the course lessons, and the various platforms that you like the course to sit on, then we can get to work on the course videos and sounds.

Create your first course.

Get Started With creating your first online course.

We have overĀ  years of experience creating LMS courses and we will invest those experiences into creating something that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers

Get Answers To All Your Questions

We have taken time to curate all the question some of our students asked before enrolling. We have also provided answers to all of them.

Our longest content creation period was 4 Months and the shortest was 3 weeks. Creating your course largely depends on the depth of the course, but we are confident we can finish in 4 to 5 months.

Yes. We create any type of course you want; Explainer, Animation, video, slides and so many others.

We create courses for all industries, but we might have some exceptions once in a while.

No. You can find and start an apprenticeship with little to no work experience. What matters most is your ambition, eagerness to learn, work ethic, commitment, and communication skills. If you lack digital marketing foundational experience, , you can can gain that knowledge with Campux's Digital marketing fundamentals course.

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