Apprenticeship for Digital Marketing

Gain Real Life Digital marketing marketing experience

Work with a real small business in Nigeria, the UK, or the United states for 3 months and gain the digital marketing work experience you need to get hired. 100% remote.

Apprenticeship for Digital Marketer

How it works

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Enrollment in any of our Online courses gives you automatic Access to our ongoing Apprenticeship program. You may want to click on the link below to check out some of our available short-term programs.

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For three months and ten hours a week, you’ll work directly in your mentor’s business. You’ll gain the relevant marketing experience and guidance needed to get hired in today’s job market.

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Receive an accredited certificate that can help boost your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Apprenticeship for Digital Marketing

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Work with a real small business in Nigeria, the UK, or the United states for 3 months and gain the digital marketing work experience you need to get hired. 100% remote.


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What Our Learners Are Saying

Chibuonum Divinelove Okeke
Chibuonum Divinelove Okeke
It has been an amazing ride on and with Digital Campux. I have learnt so much about SEO in a short time. The learning environment and structures are so excellent. I will choose Digital Campux over and over again.
Hikmat Taiwo Olomo
Hikmat Taiwo Olomo
Digital Campux is a great place to learn. The Tutors take their time to explain each courses in detail. They are always ready to attend to any questions you ask. I have learnt so much since I joined Digital Campux.
victor Uduireye
victor Uduireye
I've gained invaluable knowledge from our tutors, particularly Coach Patrick, who has played a pivotal role in my journey as a digital marketer. Each course offers hands-on experience, and I want to express my gratitude, Coach Patrick, for your exceptional dedication. Your patience and willingness to go the extra mile in solving students' problems truly make you stand out. You are the best, and your team is outstanding.
sylveria chukwuma
sylveria chukwuma
I am super excited I came across Digital Campux, their ability to find creative solutions is second to none. I found that their strategic thinking and obvious business acumen created market opportunities that had not been identified within the business. I would highly recommend Digital Campux to anyone who wants to create a digital marketing strategy that takes their business to the next level with measured results.
rdms ritedigitalmarketingsolutions
rdms ritedigitalmarketingsolutions
Digital Campux is an agency with thorough bred professionals, highly competent and goal oriented. I highly recommend them.
Chuma Obum
Chuma Obum
Digital Campux, as the name suggests, is a leading agency specializing in digital marketing coaching and skill development. What truly sets them apart is their exceptional ability to not only equip me with the necessary skills for the rapidly evolving digital economy, but also to seamlessly integrate into my team and effectively address all my digital marketing and SEO needs. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse their services to any business owner seeking to establish a prominent online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers

Get Answers To All Your Questions

We have taken time to curate all the question some of our students asked before enrolling. We have also provided answers to all of them.

During your first week as a new apprentice, you will be onboarded to your mentor's business. You will discuss how you can help the business reach its goals and how the business can help you reach your goals. You will then spend the rest of your apprenticeship achieving these specific goals. At the end of the apprenticeship, you get a certificate from Campux that you can add to your LinkedIn account, experience to add to your resumé and portfolio, freelancing experience, and a reference. We also suggest building a portfolio of your work because marketing is a very visual field.

Completing an apprenticeship on Campux will equip you with real-world work experience that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn profile, give you the confidence that you need to stand out in job interviews, and allow you to build connections with industry professionals that can support you in your job search with reference letters, referrals, or even a job offer.

There are two ways by which you can enroll for the campux Apprenticeship program. The first is by outrightly enrolling and finishing a course on Campux, and the second way to qualify for the program is by taking a quize on campux and scoring as high as 80%. Please not that scoring 80% will automatically give you a 50% slash in the course cost.

As an apprentice, you will need to commit 10 hours a week for 3 months. This time will be spent being onboarded to your mentor's business, having one-on-one calls with your mentor, and working on apprenticeship projects and tasks.

Taking part in our Apprenticeship progrm is completely free, but the courses that qualifies you to enroll for the program is not.

No. You can find and start an apprenticeship with little to no work experience. What matters most is your ambition, eagerness to learn, work ethic, commitment, and communication skills. If you lack digital marketing foundational experience, , you can can gain that knowledge with Campux's Digital marketing fundamentals course.

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