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Updated: 1st Of April, 2023

Dear realtor,

We understand it.

Starting a real estate business for you was relatively simple but sustaining it with constant sales feels really hard.

This is because you are still employing the old-school approach to real estate sales.

Yeahhhhh… sometimes you wonder endlessly about things you are not doing correctly.

You may even be wondering right now when your next sales will come rolling in and how to make that possible.

But the sad part is; those sales are never gonna come in with your current approach to real estate marketing in Nigeria.

See, I know you have spent so much on trying to keep your customer list as fresh as it can be and to also close some deals…

..and I know you are willing to spend more, but if you don’t listen to me right Now, you will also end up splashing the cash on old-school marketing that gets you  NOTHING  but different Balablus…. 👋!

and I don’t mean to hurt you, but, it is what it is.

I want to help you…

but not without your consent….

Over the past eight years, I have trained 2558+ students with a vested interest in real estate, worked with over 28 real estate organizations in Lagos and Abuja as a freelancer, and read over 2,540 sad complaints from realtors across all social media platforms.

So you now understand where my confidence comes from…

So, Would you be willing to

– See the hidden habits that militate against your real estate business success?

– Learn the act of mapping out a winning sales funnel (also known as customer avatar?

Would you be willing to learn how to give life to your customer avatar and make it generate sales continuously like a roller coaster?

Then, you don’t want to miss out on this one-hour real estate strategy session.

This is like no other one you have seen, it is free, and it’s going to be handled by me.

Let me summarize what you will learn: 

  • The Right marketing habits that are needed to skyrocket real estate sales.
  • What a customer avatar is and how to map out one that wins.
  • Various channels to plug into your customer avatar.

and I am sure you are reading this because, to a very large extent, you are not satisfied with the level of sales you are closing even though you are putting a die-hard effort into it.

I guarantee that soon you will regain full control of your online marketing.

You will be waking up every morning with lists of waiting enquirers…

and you won’t spend your day worrying about poor sales…

You will be in total control and a sense of calm and peace will finally wash over you.

And all these starts by Clicking on the link below

Hey Realtor 👋,

Remove The GuessWorks

It’s probably not the right time to hope and pray that some sales will come rolling into you.

Again, it’s time to skip all the guesswork, trial and error and the weight of trying to figure out everything by yourself – for the first time.

Instead, learn to grow your real estate business with proven new-customer-getting funnels and strategies.

Best Online Platform for Live* Real Estate Marketing Training

There are a lot of “so-called “Agencies” and “gurus” roaming about the web (On Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok) with promises to help change your marketing worries. Most of these people only bark but do not bite.


We standout for countless reasons such as teaching you how to map winning business objectives and key results, build a funnel that works for you, and various strategies to achieve these set goals.

Join Our List Of Real Estate Agents Learning Online Marketing Strategy For Free.

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